The Association of Danish Orchestra Conductors and The Conductors Institute


The Association of Danish Orchestra Conductors

The Association of Danish Orchestra Conductors (Danske Orkesterdirigenter) organises conductors who primary work in the field of amateur symphony orchestras, wind ensembles, Brass Bands, Big Bands, chamber orchestras and other ensembles of different kinds.

The aim for the Association is to improve the conditions for working as a conductor and increase the skills of the conductors.

The Association offers its members courses and conferences, meetings and perform advisory etc.

The Association is a forum for the members to network, to exchange ideas and to find knowledge.

The Association actively uses a website and publish electronic newsletters.

The Association is a member of other danish organisations within the music and culture area.

The Association cooperate with music and cultural associations, national as well as nordic.

The Association is supported by the Ministry of Culture.

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The Conductors Institute

The Conductors Institute is the education-wing of the Association of Danish Orchestra Conductors.

The Conductors Institute develops, plan and runs courses for beginner, medium trained and experienced orchestra conductors.

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